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What we do

Since setting up alone in 2013, I have created a global reputation as a highly competent wordsmith. Since then, I have surrounded myself with other specialist writers to manage ever-increasing workloads. We specialise in providing practical writing services to people seeking new work opportunities; from school leavers through to top hierarchical and C-Level management levels.

There is literally no stone unturned when it comes to our writing ability. Over the years, we have covered a huge range of roles, careers and industries, developing a broad understanding of multiple industries, enabling us to tailor your documents to work to your advantage. Some of these include Engineering, IT, Legal, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Retail, Oil & Gas, Administration, Nursing,  Legal, and Medical, to name but a few! 

From the beginning, we work closely with you throughout the entire process to fully understand you and your history, transferable skills, achievements, and job goals to get this absolutely perfect and structured in the correct format. We pride ourselves on our personalised service.

Who we work with

With global coverage, we have worked with clients across many different countries around the world and continue to hold on-going service contracts with companies in the UK, America, and Australia.

What we understand

We are very aware that the employment market can be tough to be a pawn within, wherever you are in the world. You have competition out there so you need to be marketed professionally. Remember, a CV/Resume is just the first step; it gets you the interview and then the stage is yours to provide competency-based examples to justify what's stated on your CV/Resume.

CV/Resume writing has become incredibly tactical so not only does it have to look great when it meets the human eye but it has to find its way through ATS with those companies that are using such software. ATS stands for Applicant Tracking Software and works to support recruiters throughout their selection processes. Our belief is to work on the assumption that ATS is a prolific barrier to overcome and so we produce documents that are fully optimised to get you on that shortlist!

What we offer

An individually tailored service that enables you to gain relevant information, documentation, advice, and support that positively helps you to move forward within your career plans. We aim to offer a comprehensive service that can help you identify what needs to be done to help you grow and develop further.

Professional CV & Resume Writing
Louise Littleton
Professional CV & Resume Writer

"My aim is to provide you with the best service you could possibly receive. With so many years spent studying global labour markets in various capacities, my goal was to find a solution to the question;  'what do employers want to see on a CV/Resume?'. I believe I have found the answer!"

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